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Transform your floor today!

By Jillian Chandler

Inspired by the beauty of North Idaho, the abundance of outdoor opportunities and the friendly people, Jim and Kelley Hobart made the decision to begin a new chapter of their life in Hayden, Idaho, where they’ve enjoyed every minute of the last decade.

The couple moved into their new custom home in 2010. Everything was more beautiful than they had imagined it could be, including the epoxy flooring in the garage—which “looked great” when they first moved in. But over the years, it faded, chipped and peeled up in the areas where they parked their cars. “I looked for solutions and was told I would need to have it professionally ground off, and then they would re-apply a new epoxy floor,” recalls Jim. “I didn’t want to repeat using epoxy only to get the same results a few years later.”

He and his wife discovered the Penntek flooring system while visiting a relative—who raved about it! Jim decided to reach out to the manufacturer and discovered that no one was offering their system in North Idaho! This inspired the Hobarts to change that. They introduced Croc Coatings in 2020, bringing this revolutionary flooring system to the area so that others could have a new choice with premium flooring solutions.

“In the past, people only had a handful of options when it came to protecting cement flooring like garages and basements. They would buy products from the ‘big box’ hardware stores or hire local contractors to put down epoxy—but those products often fail and start to peel and chip after only a few years,” says Jim. “Our products solve this problem by allowing you to have a flooring system that is durable, beautiful and lasts for years, plus it is UV stable and offers a lifetime warranty against fading and discoloration, so it is perfect for patios and entryways.”

As exclusive dealers and installers in North Idaho and Spokane, it is important to Jim and Kelley that their customers invest in the right flooring for their space, and to ensure this, their Hayden showroom allows customers to see the superior selection of what Croc Coatings has to offer, stand on their floors, and have the opportunity to meet the team and better understand how Croc Coatings can help clients improve their home or business.

From the day it was founded, Croc Coatings has had one simple goal: to provide the most durable and long-lasting floor coating products for homes and businesses and to install them with exceptional customer service. Utilizing the latest in floor coating technology, Croc floors have been thoroughly tested by leading outside testing laboratories. This, combined with extensive field-testing, has scientifically confirmed the durability of Croc Floors and the Penntek Evolution Coating system.

“We’re blessed to be able to bring this premium revolutionary new product, which is four-times stronger than epoxy and offers a 15-year written warranty, to North Idaho and Spokane,” affirms Jim.

All of their employees are certified installers and proud of every floor they install for their local customers. “We have a fantastic team that cares about our customers and provides an exceptional experience every step along the way,” Jim says proudly.

Jim and Kelley are grateful to the community they have called home for the past decade. It is a place where people are willing to help each other, and the referrals they have received from past customers have been exceptional. Local businesses like restaurants have found that Croc Floors provide a great solution for their commercial kitchens due to their durability and limited downtime. In addition, local realtors have been referring their business when people list their homes to increase the value or when new buyers move in to have more “livable” area by installing one of their garage or basement floors.

With spring quickly approaching and projects ready to take on, let Croc Coatings assist you with your new flooring needs. Their design consultants are available to understand your needs and get you a free project quote guaranteed for 90 days.

Croc Coatings, LLC

1016 West Hayden Avenue

Hayden, Idaho 83835


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