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Athlete of the Month: Ella Erwin

Athlete of the Month: Ella Erwin

Photo by Paul Erwin.

Ella Erwin:

Lake City High School

Ella Erwin, a senior at Lake City High School, has been a varsity golfer for the past three years. She’s been a member of DECA for two years and also a youth representative at her church. All three have helped her find the path that she will pursue to combine her artistic talents and interest in business.

The game of golf has taught her to be strong mentally. The sport was a challenge at first, and it tested her confidence; one of the obstacles being that every golf course forces the player to adapt to the setting.

“A major challenge I face in any sport, especially golf, is being too hard on myself. I find myself focused on my mistakes rather than celebrating my little victories,” Ella said. She’s worked to overcome her self-doubts by changing her perspective on how she views her plays “and seeing each step forward as a new opportunity to improve.”

Ella credits her coach for giving her the confidence she needed by not overly focusing on herself. “He once said that golf is a game played between your ears, and he couldn’t be more correct.”

Ella plans on attending Pepperdine University as an advertising major, where she’ll continue to play golf on her own.

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