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Tips for Outdoor Recreation

Follow Trail Signs and Rules

This is very much a common sense rule, but something always worth mentioning. While enjoying outdoor recreation, always follow all trail signs. Most sign rules are up to help protect the trails and some to help ensure your safety as you use the trail.

Respect Other Trail Users

When meeting other trail users, a good way to show them respect is to be mindful of them and practice simple forms of trail etiquette like not littering, not leaving items behind that may block the trails, and giving each other ample space to pass through.


When meeting horse riders, be sure to slow down, do not approach the horses unless given permission, give them space, and allow the horse riders to pass by first so as not to accidently spook the horses. 

Appropriate Trail Use is Locally Determined

We have a high variety of options for both non-motorized and motorized recreation trail usage. Trails will often be designated for specific uses whether it is for non-motorized, mountain biking, and hiking only. If you are unsure of the trail's appropriate usage, you can refer to Idaho's official Park and Recreation website, state park websites, or local trail websites and trail signs to find out.


Wildlife on the Trails

There is a chance you may encounter wildlife like deer, elk, or moose on trails any where you go around North Idaho. While it may be thrilling to see wildlife in-person for the first time, it is also important to remember that large wildlife, elk and moose, can become aggressive when they feel threatened by someone approaching too closely.


For tips on how to address wildlife encounters for large Idaho wildlife, you can refer to Idaho's Fish and Game website.

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