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Celebrating 15 Years!

Looking for that ultimate transformation for your garage? Look no further than Ultimate Concrete Coatings, with 2022 marking its 15th year in business serving the Northwest

ultimate concrete coatings

My name is Rick Curson, the owner of Ultimate Concrete Coatings. I was raised in St. Maries, Idaho. My dad was a logger and my mom also worked hard outside the home as a waitress. In my teen years, our family moved to the Oregon Coast. As my wife Stacey and I were raising our own kids, we decided that we wanted to move back home to North Idaho. We could not have realized at the time what a blessed decision that would be.

My wife and I are very involved in our local community, with Stacey serving on the board of Open Arms Pregnancy Center. I have coached high school soccer in the area and, together, we travel to Mexico several times a year to build homes and play with the kids. To date, Ultimate Concrete Coatings has installed well over 1 million square feet of coatings here locally. Although we will install many floors this week alone, we are very aware that each client may only use our service once in their lifetime and, therefore, deserves the best that we have to offer.

I am very proud of the reputation that our company has earned over the past 15 years. I am grateful for all of the clients who have referred us to their family and friends throughout the years. In this day of intense marketing and name recognition campaigns, there is still no higher honor to me than a referral. A referral says that someone trusts my company to their closest friends and family.

We have watched numerous franchises come to town over the past few years, and I see that as a good thing. Companies that have no competition fail to innovate. One of the greatest advantages for our company, not being a franchise, is that we are free to pursue the finest products and methods available in the market without answering to a parent company.

We source about 20 different vendors currently. We have had a long-term relationship with Sherwin Williams, which is the largest coatings distributor in the world. But we are not limited or required to purchase their products.

The coatings technology has advanced rapidly over the past 15 years, and we have worked tirelessly to stay in front of it.

The equipment and methods that we use are state of the art. This allows us to work more efficiently, which allows us to maintain pricing that is typically lower than our new competitors.

It is very common for us to be consulted by builders, concrete contractors, engineers and architects regarding coatings because of our long tenure and familiarity with the challenges of concrete.

Almost to the day of our founding 15 years ago, we opened a new showroom and design center at 7946 West 4th Street in Rathdrum, Idaho. This showroom displays our floor coatings as well as our garage cabinets and overhead storage racks. Our garage cabinets are designed specifically for garages and are very durable. Our overhead racks are made of a solid beam construction, which allow for 800 pounds of storage per rack. Again, we are very grateful for all of our clients who have made the past 15 years a success—and we look forward to many more. Please come celebrate with us by scheduling a consultation and visiting our showroom and design center.

Ultimate Concrete Coatings 7946 West 4th Street Rathdrum, Idaho 83858 208.640.6768

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