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Diamonds, Gold and Precious Stones

Coeur d’Alene jeweler brings five decades of experience to his craft

By Jillian Chandler

First opened in January of 2019 in Sandpoint, Idaho, by owners Angelito Marapao and his wife Theresa Drake, AquaGem Jewelry pairs the finest in jewelry with unsurpassed craftsmanship and decades of experience. In July of that same year, they purchased Sandpoint’s long-established Sayers Jewelers.

“We moved to Idaho specially to buy the Sayers Jewelers store, which was for sale. We have put our own touch in the store by automating everything and doubling the inventory on display,” affirms Theresa.

The couple relocated to Coeur d’Alene this past summer after purchasing a home and decided to move their AquaGem location with them. The store has made its new home at 3500 North Government Way.

Master Jeweler Angelito was first introduced to the craft when he was just 13 years old while living in his native country of the Philippines. After his mother passed away, he went to live with an aunt and uncle and their family in Manila and began working at their jewelry store. This would be the beginning of what would become not only a lifelong passion but career.

After graduating from college, Angelito continued to work as a master jeweler, managing and training more than 100 jewelers in the Philippines before making his way to the U.S. at age 38. “Coming to the United States allowed him more opportunities to start his own business while he lived and worked in Las Vegas, Nevada, before moving to Texas and then North Idaho,” Theresa says.

At AquaGem, customers will find an unmatched selection of fine jewelry, including gold and silver pieces, diamonds and precious gemstones, as well as semi-precious stones. Angelito brings with him 51 years of experience. Working in gold, silver and platinum metals, he can set all precious stones and design your jewelry as a one-of-a-kind piece. He can also repair and fix jewelry that others may have thought unrepairable. He designs and casts his creations on-site—nothing ever leaves the safety of the store.

While Theresa works behind the scenes handling the business and office side of AquaGem and continues to learn the art of jewelry, Angelito puts his skills at the forefront, creating custom pieces and repairing customers’ cherished possessions. If your favorite ring is in need of resizing, prong repair or polishing, major repair or remounting services, Angelito will get the job done, with satisfaction guaranteed to his clients. Though they don’t offer watch repair services, they will be happy to assist in a battery replacement when needed.

“Angelito enjoys seeing how happy his customers are when he has created something unique for them or their treasured heirloom is restored to its original beauty,” says Theresa.

They are joined by their wonderful staff. As Theresa says, many of them are new to the jewelry business, but they all provide great customer service and continue to learn more about the industry daily.

Though the pair find themselves busy working seven days a week as they divide their time between the two stores, they agree that North Idaho is truly a beautiful area and are grateful to be able to call Coeur d’Alene home. “We have met a lot of nice people, and our new customers have been welcoming to us,” smiles Theresa.

For that priceless pendant that needs new life brought to it or that new one-of-a-kind bracelet you’ve been dreaming up, Angelito will bring his artistic mastery to each and every piece he repairs or creates. Angelito and Theresa invite you to stop by AquaGem Jewelry, open daily: 10am to 5pm Monday through Saturday and 11am to 4pm Sunday. If you happen to be in the Sandpoint area, don't miss the opportunity to visit Sayers Jewelers, located at 300 Bonner Mall Way.

AquaGem Jewelry, LLC

3500 North Government Way, Suite 108

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83815


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