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Easy Way to Sell, Smart Way to Buy

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Most Unique Shopping Experience in America! By Jillian Chandler | Photo by Josh Blakely From a young age, Erik Rock knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur, and he finally got the chance at 28 when his family, who owned a store in Nevada, had the opportunity to open a second location in Idaho. “I burned the bridge, moved to Idaho with my new wife and started our family’s second store in 2012,” Erik recalls. They expanded to a third location in 2015 in the heart of Liberty Lake, Washington, which Erik now runs and operates.

What started out organically as a small furniture consignment store has grown into the largest furniture, jewelry and handbag consignment store in the country and offers one of the most incredible shopping experiences in America.

Consign Furniture & Jewelry—a family business, which Erik runs with his father Alan, mother Julia and brother Remington—sells everything furniture, jewelry and luxury handbags, from brand new to custom design to pre-loved in its massive 60,000-square-foot space. With successful locations also in Reno, Nevada, and Meridian, Idaho, Erik is excited to share that they will soon be breaking ground on their fourth store in Hayden, Idaho, off Highway 95.

“It’s been amazing watching this business grow. We sell the most iconic brands ever created and have countless different brand new and custom designed furniture lines we sell in house as well,” says Erik proudly. He also notes they are also the largest brick-and-mortar reseller of luxury handbags in the Northwest. “It’s very rare for a store to have so many dynamic business models working together under one roof with so many moving parts and pieces. You must have a cool shopping experience to thrive, and I believe we are the future of brick-and-mortar retail.”

The quality, diversity and selection you will find is unlike any other. Erik equates the shopping experience to a unique treasure hunt. “You never know what you are going to find, as our inventory changes daily, and our consignors are some of the savviest people in our community.”

With a clientele that is incredibly diverse, Erik sees everyone from billionaire clients to first-time home buyers. “There is truly something for everybody in a store like this, and oftentimes you can find amazing brands at up to 70 percent off retail,” Erik says. And he encourages clients to negotiate their own sale. “We love the haggle.”

From the customers to the consignors to the incredible store team, Erik firmly believes they all have played a vital role in maintaining the success the business continues to see. “This business has led me to so many purposeful places and introduced me to some of the most incredible people out there in our community,” smiles Erik. “Teaching entrepreneurship and personal development has been the role that I have loved the most as we have grown our companies. Philanthropy and committing to the communities we serve has also been a top priority.”

Erik is on the board of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and was part of the incredible team that brought a chapter to North Idaho. The Rock family also supports Special Needs Recreation, Boys and Girls Club, Kootenai Humane Society, Community Cancer Fund, Post Falls Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House, Daybreak Youth Services, Tim Tebow Foundation, Local Law Enforcement & Operation Underground Railroad. “We would have never believed that we could turn our business into what it’s become today,” Erik reflects. “I now push the limits of what’s possible daily and love leading the next generation of doers within our company and beyond.”

Consign Furniture & Jewelry

21605 East Country Vista Drive

Liberty Lake, Washington 99019


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