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Hope for Alex

Fundraiser aims to make the impossible become possible By Taylor Shillam

Hope for Alex

To his friends and family, Coeur d’Alene resident Alex Bouder is a determined 27-year-old entrepreneur. His wife Kayla describes him as the strongest man she knows—humble, strong and inspiring.

On July 27, 2021, just nine days after his first wedding anniversary, Alex fell from a truss while working on a job site for his company, Cutline Construction. “He says he knew the moment he hit the ground that he was paralyzed, like a light switch just shut off,” said Serena Caples, a close family friend.

According to supporters, Alex was then life-flighted to Sacred Heart Hospital, where he found out the fall had broken his back and paralyzed him from the waist down. “The doctors gave him no chance of ever walking, standing, or crawling again,” said Caples.

Since the accident, Alex has been going through extensive rehab, visiting the Craig Hospital Rehabilitation Center in Colorado off and on throughout the past year. His treatments have been paying off.

“He can now crawl and has been able to take steps with assistance,” Caples said. “It’s a complete blessing and miracle.”

"He wakes up every morning with determination," Kayla said of her husband. “He faces his everyday challenges with grace and patience. Alex is so humble, and he'd never tell anyone this, but seven weeks after he broke his back, he finished a 30k hand cycle bike ride, joined wheelchair basketball, and competed in CrossFit where he finished ninth in the world!”

He was still in the back brace for that hand cycle race, and “everyone thought he was crazy—in a good way!” shared Kayla.

“This entire time his attitude has been outstanding, believing that with determination and hard work anything is possible," Caples said.

Now, with the support of his loved ones and the local community, Alex remains determined to walk again. Taking place on September 16 at 6pm, in the Jacklin building at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds, the Hope for Alex Fundraiser invites the community to “make the impossible become possible.”

Guests in attendance will surely be impacted in more ways than one.

“Our guests can expect to be encouraged by the work Alex has done in the face of great trials,” Caples said.

At the fundraiser, guests will have dinner, enjoy a DJ, and can participate in live and silent auctions. Event organizers described the donated auction items as “exceptional,” with items such as helicopter tours, spa packages, Buck Knives, a Euro mount, and gift baskets from the Coeur d’Alene Resort.

The support shown from the community has been immense, according to Caples. “From words of encouragement, to prayers and well-wishes, to financial contributions, our community is showing up for him in a time where his life was turned upside down.”

Hope For Alex aims to support Alex in continuing his journey through extensive rehab, treatment, medical equipment, and medical bills. Because Alex was self-employed, his accident was not covered under workman’s compensation. Outside support for his treatment remains important as he works for continued progress.

Through it all, his primary source of support has been his wife, Kayla, who works locally at both the North Star Retirement Community and Kootenai Health to make up for the loss of their second income. “She is a true blessing,” Caples said.

“We are hoping that this event gives Alex the means he needs to better his quality of life,” Caples shared. “That could be anything from wheelchair parts to rehabilitation. For this fundraiser, if we can help better his life by 1 percent, it's worth it.”

Those who are unable to attend the fundraiser but wish to support Hope for Alex can contribute financially or with words of encouragement. Contributions can be sent by mail to Alex’s Journey at P.O. Box 2973, Post Falls, ID 83977, or on Venmo to @alexsjourney94. Checks can be made payable to Alex Bouder.

“This event is a symbol of hope for a prosperous future, however that may look for him," Caples said. “This community never ceases to amaze me, and this man is an inspiration to all he meets. To know Alex is to love him. If we could all be half of who Alex is, this world would be that much sweeter. If you could show love to one person who would cherish it, I encourage you to show that love to this hard-working couple.”

The couple remains thankful for the continued support they receive. “I know I can speak for Alex and I when I say we are so grateful for our community and the support they have given us,” Kayla said. "Every day, he inspires me. I'm so proud of him! I truly believe that with his attitude, he will walk again one day."

Follow along with the Hope for Alex Fundraiser event page on Facebook for the latest updates and details leading up to September 16, or call 208.659.2777 for more information.

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