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Parade of Homes

The area’s top home builders are showcased, this year with a virtual option

By Taylor Shillam

Photos Courtesy of Monarch Custom Homes

There’s something about a beautiful, modern home that inspires you to learn more; more about its design, its creation and its development. From a home’s outer aesthetic to its innermost details, simply stepping outside your own living space and into the idea of something new can ignite a level of inspiration that wasn’t there before. That’s where North Idaho’s Parade of Homes comes in.

Whether you’re a current homeowner, a prospective buyer or simply seeking to appreciate artistry in the form of the latest in home design, starting this month you’ll have the chance to view some of North Idaho’s best. The North Idaho Building Contractors Association, or NIBCA, provides the opportunity each year for the public to experience firsthand what the area’s top home builders have created.

Spanning two weekends in September, the annual Parade of Homes will highlight the work of North Idaho’s top architects, builders, interior designers, landscapers, kitchen and bath designers, suppliers and more.

The Parade of Homes is highly anticipated and always enjoyed by visitors from across the region. In the ever-changing climate of 2020, the parade is still scheduled to take place—this year, with the additional option to participate virtually.

As social distancing continues to be encouraged and caution continues to be emphasized surrounding large-scale events, the option to virtually experience the Parade of Homes is available this year for those opting to stay home or simply unable to attend in person.

The virtual event can be accessed in Parade Smart, an app used across the country to streamline the process behind making a parade of homes a seamless success.

With the NIBCA event going live on the app this month, participants can download the app, pair it with the parade guidebook available September 6, and prepare to enjoy the event from the comfort of their own space.

Those planning to visit the homes in person will have their opportunity during the weekends of September 12 and 13 and 18 through 20.

Last year, more than 800 participants gathered over several days to view the Parade of Homes. This year, with more doors opened by virtual access, the possibilities are endless in terms of reaching new heights in event attendance and engagement.

The admission fee remains $10 and will grant access to 19 homes created by 13 builders. Within the app, the virtual parade will provide 25 still images and a 60- to 90-second video walkthrough of each home, to provide as complete of an experience as possible.

The virtual parade will also provide a Matterport image for each of the 19 homes. A new 3D camera system, the Matterport camera captures high-resolution images with crisp angles and immersive views.

“There will be something for everyone in the collection of homes,” states NIBCA Executive Officer Leslie Streeter. She emphasized that the variety within this year’s selection of homes will provide options, ideas and inspiration for participants within a wide range of style preferences and budgeting needs.

A major fundraiser for the organization, ticket sales from the Parade of Homes will provide the resources needed to support the NIBCA in its mission to promote and protect the building industry, as well as highlight some of the industry’s best local work.

This year’s collection of builders includes Aspen Homes, Greenstone, Monarch Custom Homes and Selkirk Construction.

Leading up to the parade, builders look forward to sharing their creativity and distinction in their craft. Each has its own unique qualities to bring to the parade, and the variety amongst a high-quality group of contributors is a major part of what keeps the event thriving each year.

The dedication and purpose behind the NIBCA is another major component. Established in 1970, the NIBCA is a nonprofit construction trade association, working at a local level to promote the local building industry in Kootenai, Benewah and Shoshone counties.

The NIBCA has stated its dedication to strengthening the residential construction sector of the economy by advocating for greater housing affordability, flexibility, economic development, job creation and economic growth. The NIBCA engages in advocacy efforts, with the overall goal of creating and expanding opportunities for businesses, both in and out of the construction industries, to succeed.

The NIBCA has made direct efforts to advocate for widespread safe and affordable housing; with success, such efforts have the ability to boost the number of potential buyers for new, remodeled homes.

The association has stated that where their advocacy efforts have been successful, construction and housing costs have been contained; the regional economy is boosted; more homes are built, sold and remodeled; and thousands of jobs are created and sustained. Through contributing to the strength of their industry, they seek to strengthen the surrounding community.

The NIBCA also seeks to support its members. NIBCA members are home builders, developers and associates such as subcontractors, suppliers and service providers. Through marketing support, networking opportunities, training and education, the NIBCA upholds their dedication to being more than an association—they are a community.

For those interested in joining or learning more about the fellowship and networking opportunities provided by the NIBCA, more information can be found at While you’re there, find your tickets for the Parade of Homes, download the parade guidebook and make note of the event schedule.

To view some of the latest and greatest in North Idaho homes in person, mark your calendars for the second and third weekends of the month; or for remote access, be sure to download the Parade Smart app. Tickets are $10 for either virtual or in-person attendance.

Now with multiple ways to admire the latest of North Idaho’s homebuilding artistry and trends, this year’s Parade of Homes will be harder than ever to miss.

Whether you plan to visit each home or take them all in virtually, you’re sure to find inspiration within the work of regional top builders. The event promises something to gain for every observer: ideas, perspective, possibility, and the chance to see yourself in a new space.

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