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‘Service After the Sale’

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Enjoy the newest state-of-the-art technology

By Jillian Chandler

Jason Hanley is from a long line of family retail electronics. It was back in 1945 that his grandfather, Arch Hanley, introduced Acme Electric in Spokane. What started as a radio and appliance repair, evolved into selling televisions in the 1950s, appliances in the 1960s, computers in the 1970s, furniture in the 1990s, eventually wrapping it all together with home automation in the early 2000s.

“My family has been in retail electronics for more than seven decades,” says Jason, proudly. “One morning, we woke up, and the retail landscape was changing rapidly. What had been working and the clients we had been serving was changing. I walked into my dad’s office, and we decided that a custom and catered electronics experience is where we were headed.”

In 2001, Acme Integration was born.

As a boy, Jason and his sister Heather grew up in the shop with their father and grandfather, where they would observe the interactions between their father and grandfather with their customers. “From a very young age, about 6 or so, my father and grandfather let me on the sales floor. Here I would watch them, but mainly my grandfather—the patriarch—and saw how he took care of his customers, and how they loved him, and how his employees loved him.

“I learned through watching his interactions with customers that it is imperative to take care of customers and know that you’re not always going to make money. It’s not always about the bottom line.”

Acme Integration is North Idaho’s premier technology company, providing clients exactly what they’re looking for—and even more! Utilizing the nation's best home automation brand, Crestron, and staffed by professional system designers, installers and programmers, Acme Integration can turn your home or business into a technologically advanced system to take away some of the stress while enhancing your lifestyle. From home cinemas, whole house and landscape music, shading and lighting solutions, security and camera systems, even gate, garage and door automation solutions, Acme Integration can get the job done right—the first time. And once the job is complete, they will be there for you in the future for any upgrades and needed services or repairs.

“We’ll do anything for our clients,” Jason affirms. “We take care of our clients 24/7, 365 days a year. Myself or one of my staff always picks up the phone, and we always have a technician available to come out or remote in to help them with their system. We even have our own app that puts our service and support at your fingertips.

“We practice old-school customer service, and as we continue to go down this road we are on currently, people will continue to opine for that kind of service—and they’re willing to pay for it.”

When asked who he attributes to the success of the business, without hesitation, Jason responds, “My employees, by far. I know it’s cliché—but it’s the truth.” Mark and Josh have both been employed by Acme Integration for the past 15 years, working alongside Jason and bringing their professionalism and experience to get the job done the right way each and every time. Jason’s older children also work in the business. His daughter Samantha works as the receptionist, handling calls, appointments and customer service, while Jason’s oldest son Dillion is a very accomplished technician.

Jason is passionate about the services his company provides to the local community. “What is most rewarding about what we do is when the client is handed the system, and it does exactly what we told them it would do. And they look at you like, ‘Yeah, this is awesome,’” smiles Jason. “People don’t need what I have to sell. We are a life-enhancement, life-management purveyor. Do you want to open your gate with your cell phone? Do you need that? No. You just want that,” he laughs.

Jason is thankful for—and proud of—the referrals that come in. Referrals from the smallest of jobs have turned into big, extensive assignments. Word of mouth in our small communities is crucial and a testament to the professional, impressive work that Acme Integration accomplishes with each job they complete.

“While on the job, we’re among other local tradesmen—electricians, plumbers hvac, and builders,” says Jason. “It’s obvious when working alongside them, we have a very confident, very caring work force here in North Idaho. You don’t find that in lots of places.”

Jason is blessed to be able to call North Idaho home. He and his family enjoy everything that North Idaho has to offer. “There is nothing that compares to this place and the people who live here.”

Acme Integration


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