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Making Your Dream Home a Reality


Coming from a ski town in the Colorado mountains, Brandon Johnson relocated to North Idaho more than 20 years ago. “When I saw the abundant lakes and public land, I packed my things and relocated within three weeks’ time,” says Brandon. “I knew this was my ‘forever’ place.”

Since 2001, Brandon, owner of Affordable Custom Builders located in Coeur d’Alene, has been building beautiful custom homes—and relationships—in this lake and mountain community.

“I get my greatest satisfaction in helping families make smart decisions about their future home purchase,” says Brandon. “That purchase is typically the largest, most important financial decision they will ever make. I feel like I’m largely responsible for their financial future by the advice I give them and the budgets I protect.”

Brandon prefers to keep his company small and intimate; one of the reasons there are fewer than a dozen employees. This allows for more direct and personal relationships between his staff and clients. At Affordable Custom Builders, they truly care! They care about your budget, your relationship and the impact of your project on the environment. Brandon and his team only accept projects they believe will exceed customer expectations, timeline and budget.

“As a customer, the more of your vision you can share with your builder, the more accurate your timeline and cost estimates will be,” says Brandon. “ This will result in greater project satisfaction.”

He strives for proactive production through communication. His team works hard to keep communication flowing between all parties to expedite construction timelines. They welcome customers to be involved in their project by managing or performing various aspects of their build.

“As our project begins, we work hard to over communicate to our customers by employing an online construction management system we call Diamond-Vu. This gives customers complete access to construction schedules, budgets, product selections and even daily project photos from the convenience of their smartphones, tablets or computers,” says Brandon. “This transparency is extremely rare in the construction world, and we find it vital to increase the trust between builder and client, while reducing errors and timelines.”

In addition, projects are designed to exceed building and energy codes by using a High Performance Scope of Work. Items such as increased snow loading, wider footings and walls, moisture-tested lumber, continuous ridge venting and upgraded insulation all cost a bit more but are well worth the investment.

Affordable Custom Builders goes above and beyond its clients’ expectations. If you’re in the process of looking to build your dream home, Brandon and his team will bring that vision to fruition.

When not working, Brandon spends his time hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, dirt biking, camping and hiking with friends and family. During the slower seasons, you can find him cheering on the Seahawks and Zags. Brandon has truly made Coeur d’Alene home.

Affordable Custom Builders

401 1/2 Sherman Avenue, Suite 207

Downtown Coeur d'Alene


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