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Management With Purpose

Management With Purpose

“What I find most rewarding about the work we do is that we’re making a difference on a personal level; this is where people live,” says Ryan. “The problems we’re solving are real and personal.”

Ryan Martin, an Idaho native, is the owner and CEO of Boardwalk Association Management, an HOA management service company based in Meridian, Idaho. A decision to expand into the Coeur d’Alene/Spokane market was sparked by the request of one of Ryan’s customers, who had experienced Boardwalk’s service in Southern Idaho and asked that the company expand north—and they did!

“I compare our service to our customers,” says Ryan. “We’re not looking to be unique. We want to provide great service to customers. We’re focused on the customer, not on our what our competition is doing.”

When partnering with Boardwalk Association Management, you will gain more control over the big decisions in your HOA community by passing off the day-to-day activities and responsibilities of the neighborhood board. The Boardwalk team will create a sense of community while taking a proactive approach to HOA management, paying attention to the details, all to preserve an increase in property values.

They take care of everything! From fiscal and administrative services to maintenance, you are guaranteed to be in qualified hands with Boardwalk. Services include: HOA dues, taxes, budgets, accounting services including monthly financial statements and reconciliations, year-end audits, board meetings, newsletters and special mailings, project bid preparation and coordination, CC&R inspections and enforcement, review standard operating procedures, a yearly management plan, a monthly association status report, inventory of association property, service order recording and processing, supervision of on-site personnel and contractors, contract awarding, and records and files maintenance. They truly handle it all so that your HOA board doesn’t have to. And you can be assured that Boardwalk Association Management will get the job done right.

“What I fell in love with about the business is the diversity of people and situations,” according to Ryan. “No neighborhood is the same. I love the mix of managing people that live close together and trying to find a way to create a community—not just a subdivision.”

When it comes to what Ryan believes has made Boardwalk Association Management effective, he says, “I attribute the success of my business on focusing on what the customers are saying about what services are desired. We’re paying attention to what they’re saying and feeling—and actually listening to what is being said. I also attribute the success of my business to all of our team members who show up every day and are looking to make a difference.”

If you are seeking a business that specializes in HOA management with a focus on community, Ryan Martin and his team are here to help. They invite you to reach out to their Coeur d’Alene/Spokane area team: Samantha Ruby, community manager, and Sarah Mericle, sales manager.

Let Boardwalk take care of your HOA needs.

Boardwalk Association Management


980 East Carol Street Meridian, Idaho 83646

7405 East Beverly Avenue Spokane Valley, Washington 99212

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