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Student in the Spotlight

By Taylor Shillam

Alyssa Randles, Senior Coeur d’Alene High School

Student in the Spotlight

Coeur d'Alene High School senior Alyssa Randles has been ranked among the top girls' wrestlers in the nation, and a top student among her peers. Alyssa balances her wrestling success from both boys' and girls' tournaments with a vigorous academic load and continues to push herself physically and mentally.

“I’ve taken AP and dual-enrollment classes all four years of high school, receiving As and Bs,” Alyssa says. “I’ve wrestled boys varsity for four years and am currently ranked fourth in the nation for females in my weight class.”

Sharing the sport with her siblings and father, the last name Randles is not unfamiliar to wrestling in the state of Idaho; however, Alyssa’s made a name all her own. For Alyssa, wrestling has been "empowering" and has taught her valuable lessons regarding her mentality and perspective.

“I’ve learned how important perspective is,” she says. “The situation or place you’re in is never under your control, but your ability to find optimism in the situation is what makes you successful.”

She goes on to share, “One of my biggest challenges was switching my mindset when wrestling boys in the school season. My main focus is my national-level freestyle season, and I use my boys’ season as an opportunity to get better and prepare for that.”

Alyssa recalls the earliest challenges she faced as a wrestler for Coeur d'Alene High School, and what it took to overcome them. “My freshman year, I struggled with getting caught up in winning and losing in a position where I’m meant to fail. I’ve learned that to be the most competitive and enjoy what I’m doing, I had to let go of winning and losing.”

Even with a meaningful mindset shift, Alyssa is no stranger to wins. “I’ll be going for my fourth state title this month,” she shares.

As for what lies ahead beyond her high school career, Alyssa plans to commit in the spring to continue her athletic and academic career. “I plan to study political science and later go into immigration law,” she says. She plans to attend law school after earning her four-year degree.

Alyssa also plans to continue wrestling, embracing both sides of her sport. “I enjoy every painful and successful moment of it," she says.

“I enjoy the way my sport empowers me. It has given me a purpose and made me into a person that I trust can be successful, even once my wrestling career is over.”

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