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Athletes of the Month: Casey Randles & Chloe Falciani

Athlete of the Month: Casey Randles

Casey Randles: Coeur d’Alene High School

Coeur d’Alene High School senior, Casey Bryan Randles, is a three-time state champ and a two-time winner of the All-American title in wrestling. In addition to his accomplishments in athletics, he has managed to maintain a strong 3.85 GPA.

Casey says that he didn’t have much success as a wrestler when he first began as a child.

“When I first began wrestling at a young age, I barely won any matches,” he recalls. “I stuck with the sport out of stubbornness and the belief that success should not be based on winning and losing.”

His stubbornness—and thinking beyond his years—has paid off all of these years later. Casey plans on wrestling at the University of Wyoming, where he plans to study English. Casey is contemplating a career as an English professor to combine his interests in reading, writing and public speaking, as well as engaging others in a good discussion. At the moment, however, he is still undecided as to whether teaching is the path he will ultimately follow.

Casey credits much of his success to his dad, who has been by his side from day one, coaching him and supporting him. “He has taught me to have fun and try my best,” Casey says.

He also is thankful to the sport that has taught him much about life: “Wrestling mimics life like no other sport. It’s hard and teaches [you] how to properly learn from failure.”

Athlete of the Month: Chloe Falciani

Chloe Falciani: Lake City High School

Softball has taught Chloe Falciani to always stay positive. The 17-year-old Lake City High School senior has struggled with her confidence playing the sport. The good news is that she overcame it and became stronger because of it.

“Not having the faith and trust in myself that I needed to play this mental game really got in the way of me playing to the best of my capabilities,” Chloe said. “Then, I started believing in myself, training harder and practicing more often on my own time. This gave me back the confidence that I needed to play the game and reminded me that I am capable of anything I set my mind to.”

She learned that she couldn’t dwell on past mistakes and had to move on. “After each error, you have to shake it off and just focus on the next play. [That] carries into real-life situations, when thinking about past issues will only bring you down … you need to remain hopeful and positive for the future,” Chloe said.

The sport has also given her a close-knit team that’s like a family of sisters with a coach she calls a mentor.

Next year, Chloe plans on attending Monterey Peninsula College in Monterey, California, and playing collegiate softball there. She hopes to become an orthodontist

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