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Connected North Idaho at Windermere

Connected North Idaho at Windermere

Connected North Idaho at Windermere is a family business serving all your real estate needs. When you get one team member, you get them all! Realtor Victoria Mallett, her two sons Johnathon and Landon Zepeda (Realtors) and daughter Nickie Zepeda (marketing and social media executor) offer exceptional individual services by connecting the pulse of our North Idaho to you!

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home, the Connected North Idaho at Windermere team is ready to help you reach your goals with confidence. Their Realtors will work tirelessly to address every question, need and concern that their clients bring to the table while offering persistent attention to detail, integrity and diligent customer service.

An in-depth knowledge of the mortgage industry enables Victoria, Johnathon and Landon to help clients step through the labyrinth of details associated with the financing portion of any real estate transaction, making sure you secure financing that best fits your needs. In addition, they are committed to continuing education, guaranteeing that they will provide you with the best information and guidance.

Connected North Idaho at Windermere works for you! With years of sales and marketing experience, customers will appreciate the honesty, top-tier customer service and tenacity in pursuit of their goals. The team’s strong communication skills, negotiating expertise, marketing and technical experience will help match you with the perfect property or, if selling, to maximize the return on your property investment.

The team at Connected North Idaho at Windermere promises to be your advocate and help make your real estate dreams come true.

Connected North Idaho at Windermere


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