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Athletes of the Month: Josh Stellflug & Drew Hostetter

Athlete of the Month: Josh Stellflug

Josh Stellflug

Lake City High School

After attending Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy from sixth through 10th grade, Lake City High School senior, Josh Stellflug, transferred to LCHS for his final two years of school. And his basketball coach, Jim Winger, is glad he did.

“Josh has worked extremely hard and has really made huge strides in basketball the last two years because of his dedication,” said Winger. “He is a quality kid and an outstanding student.”

Josh said he would love to continue to play basketball at the collegiate level but has yet to decide where he will attend college this fall. One thing he is certain about, however, is what he wants to study.

“Athletic training has always been something that interests me,” said Josh. “And I would love to have a career in that field someday.”

Josh shares that one of the biggest challenges he has had to overcome was transitioning from playing out on the perimeter to playing inside the paint.

“My freshman year at Charter, I played point guard on JV, so it has been a little bit difficult trying to make that transition to playing inside,” he said.

It is not just one aspect of basketball that Josh enjoys, it is everything about the sport.

“I have always liked everything about basketball—from watching it to playing in games or just shooting around by myself. It has always been enjoyable to me.”

He said that being involved in athletics has taught him an important lesson that he can apply to life in general.

“It takes time and hard work to be successful at anything you do,” said Josh.

True Life Canvas
Athlete of the Month: Drew Hostetter

Drew Hostetter

Coeur d’Alene High School

Work hard. That is a lesson that Coeur d’Alene High School varsity basketball player, Drew Hostetter, has learned from being involved in athletics.

“It is easy to tell who has put work in during the off season and who hasn't,” said the 18-year-old senior, who has played basketball all four years of high school.

And it’s not just in athletics where Drew has worked hard. He has also maintained a 3.5 GPA.

Drew shares that his biggest challenge came when he was injured. He underwent surgery, which caused him to miss an entire summer of basketball his sophomore year.

“I overcame that by working really hard and getting myself back in shape when I became healthy again,” he said.

Drew hopes to continue to play the game he loves once he graduates this spring.

“After I graduate high school, I hope to get picked up by a local college basketball team,” said Drew. His career interests are primarily in the medical field, preferably anesthesiology.

In the meantime, Drew is enjoying his time as a CdA Viking and said he especially enjoys the intensity of the league games they play.

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