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2021-2022 Student-Athletes of the Year

By Taylor Shillam


Gunner Giulio Football Future at Carroll College

“I’ve been playing sports since I was 3 years old,” shares Gunner Giulio of Coeur d’Alene High School’s Class of 2022. “I would have to say football is my favorite.”

A lifetime of sports has landed him in the position he’s in now, named one of Coeur d’Alene’s Student Athletes of the Year and on his way to Carroll College in Helena, Montana, to play the sport he enjoys most.

“I’ve always been super interested in football, growing up watching it on TV and watching my brothers play!” says Gunner.

Now, as he looks forward to life beyond high school, he’s set a goal to start at outside linebacker at Carroll. There, he will be majoring in business marketing as he continues his athletic career.

As a multi-sport athlete involved in football and wrestling throughout all four years at Coeur d’Alene High School, Gunner has a collection of achievements under his belt, including his status as a four-time wrestling state champion. He was also a four-time varsity athlete in both sports, Idaho Wrestler of the Year as a junior, and named two-time Second-Team All-State defense selection, among countless other honors. “My most memorable moment in sports was when I won my four-state wrestling championship this February,” he shares. “I just felt accomplished!”

His accomplishments didn’t come without difficulty, however—as a multi-sport athlete, injuries posed a challenge.

“My biggest challenge as an athlete was going from one sport to the next, while battling injuries and other types of body fatigue,” he says. “I’ve torn both my AC joints in my shoulders, I’ve had a few bone bruises on my ankles, and I broke my ankle this year during football season.”

Through it all, Gunner developed a strong sense of dedication, discipline and perseverance in all aspects of attaining success. “The best thing I have learned from sports is that you have to not only be dedicated on the field, the court, and the mat, but also dedicated in the weight room and in the classroom,” he affirms. “And sports have really taught me how to do that!”

Now, Gunner looks forward to the future with gratitude.

“I’m super blessed and thankful for being selected as Athlete of the Year,” he said. “I know I couldn’t have done this without my friends, family, coaches, and all of my supporters! I’m just super thankful.”

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