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Athletes in the Spotlight

By Colin Anderson| Photo by Chris Harris Photography


Naomi Booth, Senior Lake City High School

Naomi Booth has been around the sport of wrestling since a young age. Her father and many in her extended family wrestled at Post Falls High School and all did very well competing. When she walked into Lake City High School as a freshman, she decided that, although she wouldn’t compete on the mat, she would make wrestling an important part of her high school experience.

“Joining the team was terrifying,” she recalled. “All of a sudden I’m a tiny and cautious freshman on a bus with a bunch of high school boys (and a couple girls), and I didn’t really know anyone, and I honestly didn’t even really know where we were going. But I paid attention, and I went further and further out of my comfort zone, and it gradually got easier and still gets easier.”

Now a senior, Naomi spent all four years as a manager for the team, helping out wherever she can. Her experience has built lasting friendships and, being one of the few females around the program, she’s learned to both step out of her comfort zone and to become a more confident person. “I think I’ve developed into a much more outgoing and leader-like version of myself that I wouldn’t have without going out of my comfort zone and joining the team as a freshman. It’s given me a lot of opportunities and freedoms, and I really have become much more confident in myself and my place in the world,” she stated.

Naomi enjoys wrestling because, while it’s individually based, there is an entire wrestling community that gravitates to the sport. Watching competitions, practices, and being an important member of the team, she’s learned that hard work and a good character really do mean more in the long run than just having raw talent. “Attitude is more important to the people watching and to you yourself than how easy good things come to you,” she said.

Naomi is still pondering her post-high school experience. She’s considering taking a year off before attending college, likely in Idaho or Montana. She enjoys kids and could envision herself as an elementary school teacher, but isn’t yet set on a future career path. As far as her experience with Lake City wrestling, it’s one she’s thankful to have had. “I think I’ve made a difference in the team, and I’m very glad I stuck around and am thankful for the space I found on the team. I’ve never had to worry about acting perfect. I just do my job the best I can.”

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